If you are in the draining newborn period and pacing the floor with your baby in arms to rock him to sleep, buying a swing is probably a great option for you. These baby swings offer gentle and rhythmic motion to calm down your baby and give you a much-needed hands-free time. For all the frazzled new parents who are looking for a safe place for their babies, the sturdily-built baby swing is actually a lifesaver.

These swings are most practicable in the few first months when your baby is born and weighs less. Particular swings have their own weight limit which must be always considered before buying one. And moreover, there are some cranky babies who will not like the artificial rhythmic motion of a swing and would need a mother’s womb. Therefore, you can also use a friend’s swing to make out if your baby loves the idea or not.

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Speaking of the swings, not all the swings available in the market are created similarly and have their own ins and outs. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial especially for new moms and dads to know what makes a swing worth buying. You can easily find out a picture-perfect product for your newborn by reading online baby swing reviews.

Important Features of a Baby Swing:


From basic to fully-loaded entertainment package, there are various makes and models available in a baby swing. It depends on your personal predilection to choose a small portable unit or a full-sized swing. The decision is highly influenced by the space available at your place and need for mobility.

Source of Motion:

There are either battery operated swings or newer models with plug-in. If you have decided a proper place where you will be positioning the swing always, then plug-in models are a good option. But if you want to use it at different places around your home then it is better to have a model with batteries. The motor also makes some humming sound which some babies find soothing whereas others disdain it.

Kind of Motion and its Speed:

The type of motion also varies and you can pick from either side-to-side or head-to-toe cradle versions. Some latest models have also incorporated exclusive bouncy seats for up and down hops. Round and round circular motions are also a good option for your baby. You will have to find out which motion does your kid likes the most. The speed of these motions ranges from the lowest to the highest. There are controls for monitoring a favorable speed too.

Solid Construction:

This is the most crucial aspect when buying a swing. The swing should feature a robust frame that does not fall when your baby leans extensively to either side. The frame should also be easy to assemble and disassemble so that even a new mom can do it alone.

Safety Harness:

Safety harness is extremely important to make sure that your baby stays at his position without slipping. There are two types of harnesses- 5 point and 2 point harness. But 5 point safety harness that also provides over-the-shoulder straps is more practicable than the other.

Easy to Maintain:

Your baby may create a mess on his swing seat while eating and playing there. Spit-ups and drools are some common scenarios with newborns. Therefore, it is advised to buy a swing whose seat-cover can be removed and washed frequently.

Level of Comfort:

Seat cushions play a major role in determining the level of comfort that your baby will get. Some models also enable you to recline back the seat for enhanced comfort. So, make sure that the swing you are buying has a well-cushioned and reclining seat.

Other Features:

Apart from a basic swing unit, there are various accessories being integrated in the models. There are removable trays for keeping baby stuff and toys. Music and light displays are also some of the attracting features especially for your babies.

Thus, these baby swings are a safe place where you can place your colicky newborn for sound sleep. However, they cannot replace the warmth and affection of a mother’s womb but they are the best solution for a little free time to new moms. Whichever baby swing you may buy, make sure to find the above stated features in baby swing reviews available online. 

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