Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is great for busy moms on the go. The umbrella stroller weighs just under 12lbs. and is perfect for running errands or short day trips. The unique design of this stroller offers storage solutions for mom and baby. Parents can keep their necessities in the storage basket. A cup and tray holder is available for each too.

The storage area is easy to reach and much larger than you would expect. If you are looking for an alternative to bulky travel systems, you’ll appreciate the Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller.

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All-Terrain Vehicles and Front Suspension

The lightweight umbrella stroller has all-terrain vehicles and front suspension. With these features, you can count on a smooth ride everywhere you go. Uneven sidewalks and bumpy terrain may prove to be challenging. But, smooth surfaces at the mall aren’t a problem at all.

Compact Folded and Unfolded

Whether the lightweight stroller is folded or unfolded, it is extremely compact. When folded, the Kolcraft stroller measures 18″ W x 12″ D x 34″ H. When assembled, the stroller is 18″ W x 31.25″ D x 39″ H. At this size, it is a great unit to store in the trunk of the car or a closet at your mother-in-laws for when you visit.

Multi-Position Reclining Seat – Accommodates Kids Up to 50lbs.

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller is perfect for infants to older toddlers. As soon as a baby can hold up their head on their own, they are ready to use this stroller. Since the stroller accommodates children up to 50lbs., it will grow with your baby for years. The stroller seat offers five different positions to help keep your child comfortable, which makes it perfect for napping or awake times.

Full-Coverage Protection from the Sun

No one wants a baby to be subject to sunburn or overheating. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller has a 3-tier canopy that provides coverage from the sun. To help parents keep an eye on baby while out and about, a peek-a-boo window is installed in the canopy. The window allows you to keep a close eye on baby without disrupting them or exposing them to the sun.


  • JPMA-certified
  • Travel friendly
  • Stroller weighs less than 12lbs.
  • Compact
  • 3-tier canopy
  • Removable child tray
  • Provides maximum UV protection
  • Ability to be folded with one hand
  • 2-cup holders (one for parent, one for child)
  • 2-trays (one for parent, one for child)
  • Extra storage


  • Seat doesn’t recline flat
  • Seat padding isn’t removable
  • Locking latch has a tendency to come loose
  • Difficult to fold down
  • Some young children may slump in some seat positions

Final Verdict

The Lightweight Stroller is a great solution for short trips and quick errands. The compact and lightweight stroller is convenient for use with older babies and toddlers. The design of the stroller allows it to grow with your child, so it’s the only umbrella stroller you will need.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a stroller to take jogging or use for extended vacations, you should probably keep looking as it can be hard to fold down in a pinch and isn’t made for rough terrain.

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