Eddie Bauer Langley Wood Glider

The Eddie Bauer Langley Wood Glider offers you maximum comfort as you bond with your baby. Whether you want you are preparing for bedtime or just relaxing with your baby, this well-designed rocking chair will give you utmost comfort. Every parent needs that single peaceful place to relax, relieve some stress and cuddle their baby.

Wood glider Rocking chair gives you such a soothing experience. This is well enhanced with thickly padded cushions, made of twill microfiber for increased softness. The Wood glider also generously provides a sitting space and a well-designed glider. This state of the art rocking chair if made with features that include:

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Thickly padded cushions

The Eddie Bauer Langley Wood Glider is well designed with thickly padded cushions. These cushions are enhanced with soft twill microfiber. Every rocking moment needs comfort. This is what the soft cushions offer for the parent. A comfortable parent will definitely enjoy every bonding session and look forward to more.

Generous seating

The Eddie Bauer Langley Wood Glider comes with a very spacious seating place. You need enough space to rest your body as you cuddle and soothe your baby to rest. This amazing rocking chair offers you that space generously. It, therefore, caters for all parents’ body sizes.

Padded arms

The Wood Glider is designed for maximum comfort. The rocking chair arms are softly padded to keep it comfortable for the parent as they enjoy a moment of bonding with their baby. No parent wants to develop fatigue or feel uncomfortable during a baby bonding session. With a recognition of the fact that you will be holding the baby in your arms throughout your sessions, the padded arms are enhanced with soft fiber for maximum comfort.

Metal bearings

This amazing Eddie Bauer Langley Wood Glider has metal bearings of very high quality. The bearings are included with the rocking chair glider to ensure smooth a smooth glide. A smooth glide, in turn, results in an increased soothing effect for both the parent and the baby.

Ottoman set

The wood glider rocking chair comes with an ottoman set. This set acts as a footrest, making you very comfortable as you get rocked softly.


  • The rocking chair comes with assembly tools and instructions to make it easy for you to set up.
  • The soft padded cushions make it comfortable.
  • The cushions are easily removable, making it easy for cleaning.
  • The chair has padded arms for maximum comfort.
  • Generous seating space for increased comfort for both mummy and baby


  • The glider does not recline.


The Eddie Bauer Langley Wood Glider is a well designed rocking chair for use by mummy during those bonding sessions with their baby. Manufactured for maximum comfort, this rocking chair ahs thickly padded cushions and well-padded arms. The sitting space too is extensive to ensure mummy doesn’t feel squeezed as they cuddle the baby.

This amazing wood glider should be your ideal parenting companion as your baby develops. It allows both the parent and the baby to relax as they bond. You can use to soothe baby to sleep or just hold them as you wait for them to wake up. Order yours today and enjoy the comfort.

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