Delta Children Upholstered Glider

Pre and post-pregnancy comfort is a subject of high importance among many women which is why the Delta Children Upholstered Glider is one of the top recommended rocking chairs. Mother and baby need to relax as much as they can. The Delta Children Upholstered Glider does this job perfectly by giving mom a long-lasting and smooth comfort while she rocks her baby to sleep.

Mothers aren’t the only people who make use of these gliding seats; anybody can sit on them making these gliders an ideal addition to any home. The seat has been designed to offer support for your back with the capability to rock and swivel thereby allowing you to determine the best position for comfort and stability.

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The Delta Children Upholstered Glider features a timeless and simple silhouette, padded arm rests, a supportive back and a frame made from durable wood. The glider maximizes on comfort and relaxation using these features.

The seat also has a glider mechanism which offers stability as well as quiet movements. When you want to sit in a perpendicular position to the chair or need to sit at an angle for more comfort, this seat allows for that. The armchair can also move around as it rocks you in gentle motions.

Made from hardwood material, this chair is guaranteed to last for a very long time. The outside has a thick cushion finished with a durable fabric covering. The cushion and the covering coupled with the padded arm rests are responsible for the super comfort offered by the glider. The beauty about the microfiber fabric is that it is very easy to clean.

This means that you do not have to worry about spills regardless of the color of the seat. It will come off in one wash. You only need to either wipe the chair with a dry cloth or wipe it with a clean damp cloth. Since the fabric has a zipper, you can also detach it from the chair and clean it separately.

The chair occupies a small space after assembly with dimensions of 30.25″ x 32.50″ x 35.75″ (L x W x H). 100% foam has been used as a filler material with the cushion seat being 6.25 inches thick. The Delta Children Upholstered Glider has a weight of 79.2 lbs and comes with both Beige and Dove Grey colors. The reason for this is because the colors blend with many home décor colors therefore ideal for any home. Amazon has priced the Taupe colored chair at $259.99.


• The recliner has parts that are easy to install and assemble
• Stability and firmness is guaranteed with this recliner unlike others in the market.
• The seat occupies a relatively small space therefore suitable for different room sizes
• The colors are warm and fit into any room décor
• The Delta Children Upholstered Glider can act as a swivel, a chair and a rocker which means users are offered three features in one chair.


• The chair height limits a certain number of people from getting the best from it. Taller users complain lesser comfort compared to shorter ones.

Final Verdict

Much can be said about the Delta Children Upholstered Glider. The price is relatively pocket-friendly considering the number of benefits this chair offers. Get one for yourself today and experience these advantages for yourself!

best price