Baby Relax Double Rocker

The Baby Relax Double Rocker is a great wide rocking chair for parents. It offers parents enough space to cuddle with their babies and enjoy some private moments. Whether you want o just curl up with your baby for a story time or soothe them to sleep, this amazing generously spaced double rocker got you covered always. This great rocking chair is well built with sturdy and solid wood frame for long-lasting use. Every parent needs that bonding moments with their baby; this is where this incredible comes in. It is well constructed with features that make it the best choice.

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Sturdy Construction

Every parent wants not just a rocking chair but one that is strong for both mummy and the baby. The Baby Relax Double Rocker offers you this experience. Built with very sturdy wooden feet, this double rocker provides strength long lasting functionality. You can be assured that both your weight and that of your baby are supported. More so you are sure of using it for many more years to come.

Wider than a regular rocker

Space is a significant aspect when choosing how to relax with your baby. The double Rocker is one and a half times wider than other normal rocking chairs. This offers you generous space to relax comfortably as you enjoy high-quality moments with your baby. No worry of fatigue or getting squeezed in the rocker with the baby.

Quality comfort

This amazing double rocker is foam-filled to ensure maximum comfort. More so, the high quality makes it a reason enough to have it as a home accessory besides a rocking chair. With a blend of both traditional and modern construction technique, this incredible rocker is worth owning.

Rocker feet

The Baby Relax Double Rocker is made with espresso rocker feet. The state of the art design of the rocker feet makes it stand out among other rocking chairs. It is strong and sturdy for good support and baby soothing moments.

Optional ottoman attachment

The Baby Relax Double Rocker comes with an ottoman that is sold separately. The matching ottoman for this rocker enhances more comfort and style if bought. It could be an additional consideration to complete your home nursery setting.


  • Strong and sturdy for long-term use
  • Foam – filled to guarantee high-quality maximum comfort
  • Offers much wider space than regular rocking chairs
  • The separately sold ottoman accessory offers enhanced comfort.
  • It can hold up much weight for both mummy and her child.


  • The rocker feet are quite short, doesn’t rock that much.


The Baby Relax Double Rocker is the best rocker for both new parents and those whose babies are a couple of months old. Whether it is a book reading moment with baby or time to soothe your baby to nap, this amazing double rocker will come in handy. Built with strong wooden rocker feet for safety and comfort, it comes with a much wider space than ordinary rocking chairs. This double rocker can be more enhanced with a separately sold ottoman for comfort. Order your today and be sure to use it for the next dozen of years.

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