As a new parent, you will need to furnish your home appropriately as your family grows. With the onset of children, you have to purchase furniture that suits their comfort around the home. One of this essential furniture is the Baby Rocking Chair. This is a custom made chair that offers the parent convenience as they rock the baby, soothing them to sleep. Baby rocking chairs allow for special bonding moments between parents and the baby. With increased demand for customized furniture in the recent past, rocking chairs have also been modified to fit the needs of the modern parent in terms of comfort, style, and convenience. This Baby Rocking Chair Review gives new parents guidance as they prepare to acquire a baby rocker for their new baby. Below are some features to consider when buying a baby rocking chair.

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Features to consider

Solid wood construction

You need a baby rocking chair that is strong and long lasting. Look for a rocker well constructed with solid wood. This makes it sturdy and durable. You can be sure to use it for a long time serving all your babies over the years to come.

Wide seating space

A spacious baby rocker will be comfortable to use for a long time. When shopping for a baby rocking chair, take some time to examine the available seating space. Always keep in mind that you will be sharing this chair with your baby for quite a long time as they grow. You can practice in the store with your baby or use a nursing pillow to make sure that you both fit comfortably in the chair before you buy it. This will save you regrets once the chair is delivered.

Padded arms

Since you are likely to spend a greater part of the day in the rocking chair with your baby, be very keen on comfort. Padded arms will be very comfortable for you as you support and feed the baby in the chair. When the baby rocking chair has well padded soft arms, you may not require buying a nursing pillow. This will, in turn, save you extra costs.

Maximum load capacity

Since you will be sitting on this chair with your baby, it is important to research on the maximum weight it can hold. You don’t want a baby rocking chair that can’t hold your weight or that of the baby when he/she grows in a couple of months. Buy a rocker that will comfortably hold up your weight and that of a grown up baby.

Springs under the seat cushion

When you are buying a wooden Baby rocking chair, consider one that has springs attached to the fabric under the seat. The seat underbelly needs to be able to absorb both shock and your weight while carrying the baby. It is more comfortable therefore when it has springs rather than just a hard frame under the seat cushion. Make sure to sit on the chair and feel the spring strength before you order it.

Glider lock

Modern baby rocking chairs have been designed with gliders to slide both forward and backwards as opposed to normal rockers. Gliders come with extra comfort and style. However, when you choose to order a glider, make sure it locks in place. This is important when you have other small children or toddlers crawling on the floor. You don’t want to have their fingers caught in the glider as you rock your baby on the chair. More so, a glider lock ensures that your baby is safe when left alone in the chair. You will simply lock the gliding mechanism before you leave them alone.

Dense foam filled cushions

The essence of a baby rocking chair is to enhance comfort. One of the most important features to consider for baby rocking chairs review is soft comfortable cushions. Always go for dense foam filled seat cushions for maximum comfort and durability. These will serve you well for quite a long time.


An ottoman set is a separately bought enhancement that keeps you comfortable on the baby rocking chair. When budgeting for a baby rocker, it is wise to determine whether you will need an ottoman or not. This way you will be able to budget well and test all the products before buying.


A baby rocking chair is important for parent – child bonding sessions. Most importantly it helps in soothing your baby to sleep. However, before buying one, a parent should ask themselves a number of questions to determine its suitability. This Baby rocking chair review offers answers to all the questions a parent may have before they purchase a baby rocker. Always consider the features mentioned above if you want value for your money. 

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