Pack N play is the best buy for parents who will shortly welcome the newborn into their world. Pack N play doubles up as a playard and it offers ample space where the child can spend playing. There are various options available, depending on the user’s choice of color, pattern, and design. It could be a portable, lightweight version that can be carried around or a fixed component that complements the existing décor. These new era baby products are great for working parents and compact houses so that time, money and space can be utilized to the fullest.

Pediatricians recommend playards as the best environment for giving the baby a good night’s sleep. Let us discuss the various pack n play reviews to make the ‘selecting’ option easier for parents.

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Playards are two types

1. Basic play and pack-
Features in a basic play and pack are-

· Bassinet with mattress
· Changing table
· Storage area
· Light weight and portable

2. Deluxe play and pack-

Along with the features of the basic version, this model goes a step ahead by adding premium features to the playard. These include….

· Larger bassinets
· Better quality mattresses
· Baby massage chairs
· Electronic gadgets giving out sound etc.
· Heavy in weight due to the additional features

Which playard model should a parent pick?
A playard with premium features is always attractive because the new parent is always over concerned and wants the best for the baby. However, if we study the various features in a playard and carefully analyze them, the decision is not so tough.


This is the cradle placed at the top of the playard where the baby can sleep. It can be clipped on the top portion of the playard so that the mother can keep an eye and would not have to bend too much to hold the baby. The deluxe ones are definitely more spacious and might also contain twin space features for twin born babies. The maximum capacity of a bassinet is 15 pounds after which the bassinet can be unclipped and removed. The baby can then play in the mattress of the play area where it gets a larger space to move around.

Changing table

The changing table is the area where the baby is cleaned and the diaper is changed. It would have a wipe able and easy-to-clean surface. This table can be attached to the upper portion of the yard as in the case of the bassinet. It can be detached and removed, or stored to the side, depending on the feature provided. This can be used for babies’ up to the age of 4 months or a capacity of 15 pounds. Parents should look for a sturdy changing table which attaches itself securely before laying the baby on it. The surface should be comfortable and easy-to-clean.

Material and fabric

The skin of the baby is soft and therefore the mattresses should be soft against the baby’s skin. The fabrics should be preferably machined washable. Also, go in for a playard which has mesh sides. The advantage here is they allow ventilation, are semi-transparent, through which the baby would be visible to the parent making monitoring easier. The parent should look for mesh sides that are not more than ¼ inches wide. This way the baby will not be able to stick out its fingers, clothes, and body parts into it.


For a playard to be portable, it has to be light weight and foldable. They should have good wheels to carry in and out of the room. For travel purposes, the points to consider are-

· Can the playard be quickly folded and assembled back as easily?
· Will they take up too much of space?

The deluxe models are usually heavy in weight as they have multiple features which make it difficult to pack into a small space.

Additional features

At times, parents are unable to devote much time to the infant and thus, they should go for a playard that has entertainment features. Though all the basic versions have overhanging toys on toy bars, the higher models carry multiple features like electronic music and sound.

If parents are short of space to keep essentials, they should look for playards that have good storage areas which are sewn to the playard or are detachable.

If you take your child to outdoor spaces often, they pick a playard that has a canopy that can be pulled to provide shade against light and noise.

Wrap up

Keeping the above features in mind, and accessing what feature are suitable for you as a parent and provide maximum comfort to the baby, go in for a pay and pack product that gives you a good value for money. 

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