Motorola MBP160 Digital Audio Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP160 Digital Audio Baby Monitor gives you an assurance that your baby is resting or sleeping peacefully as it tracks the slightest sounds made by your kid. The monitor is equipped with DECT interface-free technology for strong wireless connections and improved range for sound and clarity to make sure you do not miss anything important.

This is the same technology being used for cordless phones making the sound quality high almost crystal clear. This ensures that as a parent, you do not lose signal or receive broken signals when far away.

High tech baby monitor

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High-quality microphone

This inbuilt microphone improves the sensitivity ensuring that you will hear every sound you child makes clearly. One can adjust the sound’s volume to the levels they want. The range of this machine is up to 300 meters meaning that you can place it anywhere in the house without any distortion.

Power unit

The power unit gives a flexible pattern of usage and prepares the user for recharge as it can keep on running for up to about 15 hours in the standby mode. The unit is powered by an electric cord.

However, the parent unit runs on a rechargeable battery. Other power features include power saving mode, the main adapter in the parent unit and a low battery indicator. The Motorola MBP160 Digital Audio Baby Monitor also has an integrated Eco-mode which makes sure that the system does not use too much power when plugged into the mains


Motorola MBP160 Digital Audio Baby Monitor is very light to chuck in your bag for trips away. The parent unit is made from a solid material – it is not heavy and doesn’t feel fragile. The manufacture designed it to carry around the house from one room to another. It also comes with a clip at the back where one can hook it up to their pocket or belt.

LED alert

The system has an LED alert that alerts you when the battery is low giving you a heads up before the system runs out of charge without you knowing. The LED also indicates the volume of the noises in your baby’s room. This will be useful when the house becomes noisy at times, and the LED will help know whether the sounds meant your child is just making gurgles it his sleep or whether she is crying.


  • Easy to install and use
  • It has a volume control and a visual sound level indicator.
  • It is compact and can easily be used when one is away from home
  • Motorola MBP160 Digital Audio Baby Monitor is easily portable
  • Has an out-of-range alert which alerts the user one they get past the 300 meters
  • Has a support stand which allows its setting in any place.
  • Has an eco-mode enabling you to save on energy


  • It may not work effectively for those in multiple story buildings

Final verdict

To sum up, Motorola MBP160 Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a decent baby monitor. The unit is perfect for travel and perfect for any home out there. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and color; a variety to choose from. Again it picks even the slightest sounds and is sensitive. I, therefore, recommend it for any home

best price