Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor

With a 15ft automatic night vision, up to four expandable cameras and five remote-controlled cameras, this Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor lets you move about and embark upon your daily tasks with ease of mind knowing your baby is safe.

This Levana baby monitor features a private and secure digital wireless signal and a long lasting battery that lets you monitor your baby up to 500ft away for up to eight hours or up to 10 hours with a peep mode. The monitor also comes with a handy two-way talk to baby intercom feature that lets you talk to the baby as you continue with your daily tasks.

Other highly functional highlights of this artistic Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor include nursery temperature monitoring and nightlife features that let you observe your baby with clear, automatic night vision.

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Features Highlight

Long Lasting Battery

With this baby monitor, you can monitor your baby activities for up to eight hours with the video screen on or even up to 12 hours with the PEEP mode thanks to one of the most powerful battery available in baby monitors today.

In the PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode, you can observe your baby for up to 12 hours, which means that you can keep an eye on your baby for a full night of sleep. The PEEP mode helps prolong the battery life by automatically turning off the screen when the baby room is silent and automatically turning on the screen when the baby makes a sound.

Clear digital wireless signal

Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor by Levana features ClearVu technology that lets you see and hear your baby with exceptional accuracy and clarity even when you are up to 500ft away.

Furthermore, it is only you who will be able to see and hear your baby with this baby monitor thanks to its private, secure and interference-free digital wireless signal that is impossible to intercept.

15ft night vision and nightlight

The built-in night vision lets you capture clear images of your toddler even in complete darkness from up to 15ft away. With this monitor, you will not have to worry about the room getting dark as the monitor will automatically adjust the level of light meaning that you can work extra hours before getting to your baby.

The monitor also comes with a useful night light that keeps your baby room illuminated for convenient sneak in and out of your baby room.

Nursery temperature monitoring

This Levana Jena Digital baby Video Monitor comes with a temperature monitor feature that lets you keep track of your nursery’s temperature to make sure that your baby is comfortable. The temperature of your baby’s room will display on the screen in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Five Remote-controlled lullabies

Keeping your baby occupied and entertained is easy with this Levana baby video monitor thanks to five lullabies that you can activate and change with the parent unit

Two-way communication and expandable cameras

This baby monitor lets you talk to your baby from outside the nursery without yelling giving your baby peace of mind. You can also add up to three additional cameras to conveniently view different areas of your home.


  • Powerful battery that lasts up to 12 hours
  • Supports two-way communication
  • Offers high-quality digital signal
  •  Keeps your baby entertained to sleep with 5 lullabies
  •  Lets you watch your baby in the darkness with clear images


  • The beeping sound is not adjustable to individual needs
  •  You can only adjust the position of the monitor manually as it does not have tilt and pan capability

Final Verdict

The Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor is an irreplaceable accessory for every parent looking for a piece of mind and comfort. With a night vision and nursery temperature monitoring, this monitor will give you piece of mind in the extreme situations. The expandable cameras also mean that you will not need to buy a new unit as your baby grows.

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