Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor

The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor offers parents an option of being in touch with their baby at all times. With this amazing Digital Baby Monitor, as a parent, you will have a settled mind monitoring your baby from any corner of the house. This device allows a parent to go about their normal house chores without losing connection with their baby.

Whether baby is napping or just relaxing in their baby court, you will always have them monitored with this Graco product. Better still the Digital Monitor comes with two parent units, for both daddy and mummy. It has great features that make it ideal for baby monitoring.

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Two-parent units

The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor comes with two parent units. This means that the baby can be easily monitored by both parents. In the absence of one parent, the second parent unit can be used by a caregiver to monitor the baby as they rest.

900 MHz frequency

In a bid to reduce interference with its functionality, the Digital Baby Monitor operates at 900 MHz. This means that the device will always have a strong signal and deliver timely information about the baby. With such a strong frequency, you can be sure that presence of other electronic devices like the microwave will not interfere with its signal.

Sound lights

Sometimes it may not be easy to hear when a baby makes some sound or cries. It if for this reason that the digital baby monitor has inbuilt sound lights. The lights vary in brightness depending on the sound produced by the baby. When a baby’s call intensifies, the sound lights also get intensified in unison. You are therefore able to tell if the baby is crying by the help of these sound lights.

Low battery alarm

Since parents want to monitor their baby all through, it can be very frustrating for a baby monitor to stop working abruptly. The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor has a low battery alarm to help avert such situations. The low battery alert alerts the device user when the battery needs to be charged. This will usually happen before the device goes off, ensuring continuous functionality.

Belt clip

Nothing can be of convenience more than a device whose usage leaves your hands free. The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor comes with a belt clip. The clip helps you wear the baby monitoring unit. This leaves both hands free to carry out normal household duties as you monitor the baby.


  • It has 2000 feet coverage. This means that you are able to monitor your baby from even the furthest corner of your house.
  • Sound lights tell you when the baby is calling.
  • It comes with two units for use by two people at the same time.
  • Belt clip leaves parents’ hands free to do other duties


  • It does not work using the standard 240 volts, making it difficult to be used in some areas whose voltage is fixed.


The Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor is your perfect baby monitor. It has two units to enable two people to separately monitor a baby closely. The Digital Baby Monitor is highly preferred due to the ability to detect any sound produced by baby promptly. For a new mother, this baby monitor could be the perfect gift for them.

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