Babies R Us Baby Sight Video Monitor

Babies R Us Baby Sight Video Monitor is ideal for parents who are looking for digital technology in the form of a handheld color video monitor that gives a clear picture. This monitor is the solution for parents who want peace of mind at an affordable price.

You will be able to listen to your child and the digital zoom will allow you to have a close up view of your little one on screen at anytime. This day and night monitor with automatic night vision enables overnight continuous monitoring that ensures you can relax without worrying about your baby.

Not only should the baby monitor you choose be affordable and durable, but also easy to use and have batteries that are rechargeable.

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The advanced technology of the Babies R Us Baby Sight Video Monitor offers 100% digital technology for security and privacy within a range of 600-ft. You can use the same item to monitor two children or two rooms, using video and audio auto-scan that works on an automatic 8 second scan between each room.

You will be able to listen for any unusual sounds that may come from the areas you are monitoring and immediately detect where they are coming from. The automatic black and white night vision monitor comes with a 2.0 color LCD video screen for quality images.

Remote controlled digital zoom handheld enables you to quickly get a closer view of your baby. This will help you to check on baby without having to physically leave the room.


  • With adjustable video and volume contrast controls, the handheld portability of this product is really convenient.
  • Built-in belt clip, rechargeable batteries and a kick-stand that can be used on a table top.
  • The adjustable design and included wall-mounting allows you to find the best position for monitoring your baby.
  • LED lights that are sound activated.
  • Indicators for out of range, low batter.
  • On/off one touch power-saving video.
  • Range of 600-ft/182.88m.


  • Batteries do not always last very long.

Final Verdict

When you buy your Babies R Us Baby Sight Video Monitor you should test it for interferance from radios, phones or any other devices that may be nearby. The wall thickness and the size of your house can also affect the performance of your monitor.

With the USB and A/V jack your Babies R Us Baby Sight Video Monitor will automatically find the best channel without you having to switch channels. Many happy customers report very few sleepless nights while using this product for several years or until they no longer need it. Once you have set it up and adjusted this item to suit you, your nighttime routine will become more relaxed and secure.

No longer will you be anxious and feel you have to disturb your child’s sleeping pattern to make sure they are fine. The right baby monitor will ensure that all family members get a good nights’ sleep!


best price