Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is an award-winning movement and sound monitor system. When placed under the crib mattress, its motion detectors pick up the slightest movements whether your child is wide awake or sound asleep.

It will also act as music to your ears; parents will be able to hear every sound coming from their baby’s room on the portable parent unit. This kit sounds an alarm if no movement is registered after 20 seconds. The sensor pad can be used with all mattresses whatever the thickness or size. However, the sensor pad cannot be used with Purflo mattresses, foam mattress or mattresses with hollow frames.

baby sound and movement monitor for parents

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A sensor pad

This sensor pad, when put under the mattress, detects every one of your kid’s movement and sounds an alarm the sensor does not detect any movements after 20 seconds.

A full-color digital display

The parent unit has a full digital display and easy to read screen the displays the nursery’s temperature, sound light, and other settings.

The temperature control

One of the greatest concerns for parents is the baby’s safety. Is their baby comfortable? Is the room too cold? Or is it too hot? Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor displays the baby’s room temperature and alerts the parent when the temperature is too low or too high

An audio tic

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor has an audio tic feature which helps test and reassures the parent that the monitor is working. When turns on, the parent unit makes a ticking sound that assure the parents that the monitor is working as expected.

A portable and rechargeable parent unit

The rechargeable parent unit allows the parent to take advantage of the baby’s sleep time and get some chore done. While doing this, you can carry this unit from room to room and wait till it alerts you of any movements by the baby. The parent unit also contains a volume control and vibration alerts.

Batteries or operational by main

This system has a battery option which makes it ideal for traveling. When at home, one can connect is direct to the power source and save the battery for traveling cases. It also contains a low battery indicator that lets one know when it is time to charge the batteries. The system also alerts you when the parent unit is too far away from the nursery unit.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor contain a nursery night light with a gentle glow to guide you when taking you baby into its room

This system has a clear transmission as it operates on the 2.4 GHz frequency bands and 864 MHz frequency bands

It also has a sound, light feature which allows you to hear the sound your baby makes


  • Contains a temperature alert setting
  • It is easily portable
  • Has a battery option
  • Detects both sound and movements
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Cannot be used for twins

Final verdict

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor is a superb device which aims to give you complete peace of mind. Finding nothing against it, I would recommend it for every parent there.


best price