Baby cribs have become more versatile, with some new moms going as far as setting them up several months before they give birth. It is a good idea to have a baby crib before the baby arrives but it should not be worrying if the baby arrives before the crib. Purchasing a crib that best matches your needs can be challenging, not because of lack of high-quality cribs, but rather because there is simply too much choice, and due factors for consideration. For instance, while parents of twins and multiples may initially opt for a single crib, a time will arrive when sharing for the twins will become a barrier to adequate sleep. Additionally, babies remain in the crib while their moms are taking a shower or attending other cores out of sight, therefore, while comfort is important, safety is paramount. In this baby crib review let us outline what new parents should look for in a crib.

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Parents with limited house space may be fascinated by convenient or mini-crib choices, both of which take up less space than full-size baby cribs. Some cribs can be folded or collapsed when not in use for storage; some have wheels that make them movable around the house freely.


When putting together at the store or home, and a good shake applied to it, the crib should not rattle or wobble. If the crib wobbles then that is the clearest pointer for you to look for a sturdier crib.


Some baby cribs designs makes it possible to convert them into toddler beds, day bed or even a full-size bed. If you are going this route, then make sure this performance is possible and approve the look of the new spread.

Height, slats and corner posts

Ensure your baby crib is lower enough to enable reach out to the child with no difficulties. The appropriate height is dependent on how tall you are. Sidebars should not exceed 2 3/8 inches apart, which will help prevent the baby’s body from sliding and getting stuck. Similarly, make sure the corner posts are not too high.

Lowering feature

This modification allows you to move down the mattress as the baby grows so that she remains safe in the crib without you reaching down farther than necessary. This function is not available in all baby cribs, and it can be a major factor to consider.


The mattress should fit firmly in the crib so that your child does not unintentionally get trapped between the two. If you can dip more than two fingers between the mattress and the ends of the crib, then the crib mattress is too small. Along with the mattress, the only bedding a child needs a waterproof pad and a soft, tightly fitted sheet. Knit pure cotton and high-count weaved pure cotton are perfect fabric choices. Ensure that whatever you get is machine-washable, and buy a few additional of each so that you are not doing washing every time child spits up. Clean the beddings before your first use to eliminate any skin-irritating substances that may have been left over from the factory. After that, you need to wash every week, or whenever child spits up, pees or otherwise dirty’s the beddings making use of light, unscented detergent.

Safety notes

There are times that mothers have shared terrifying and scary stories of baby cribs-related incidences and as a new parent, you do not want to share one. Assemble your crib properly and ensure all the safety nitty gritties are at your fingertips. For instance, you need to avoid setting up the crib near windows, baby monitor cords, draperies etcetera. Older kids could pull themselves and fall of the window.

Other safety considerations include:

Drop-side cribs. These were common for decades but have since been discontinued by the authorities. They pose a serious health hazard to babies and hence you should avoid them at all costs.

Crib Bumpers. These too should not be included in the crib because they too pose serious health hazards. Manufacturers used to add them, but various organizations have discouraged them as they do not protect injuries but rather constitute a risk of suffocation, entrapment or strangulation according to American Academy of Pediatrics report in 2011.

Finally, you might be considering an old or a second-hand crib. Whether there are family owned or from a resale shop, the most important thing is to make sure that their safety is not compromised based on the above factors and open recommended standards. 

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