South Shore Cotton Candy Changing Table

The South Shore Cotton Candy changing table is a must-have if you are a new mom who does not want to have a hard time accessing your baby’s supplies and changing their cloths and diapers. It is an accessory that is going to make your baby comfortable as you change them. You will also feel more comfortable when changing the baby as opposed to changing them on a bed or couch. It terms of material, it is designed to be very easy to clean. Considering how changing diapers and nappies can be messy, you need to have a surface that will not give you trouble cleaning, and that is exactly what this table does.

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Increased Safety

When you use this table to change your baby’s diapers and nappies, you can rest assured that they are safe. The risk of falling off will be reduced tremendously because of the rounded contours at the top of the changing table and a secured front panel. The table is made of non-toxic laminated particle board that does not pose any danger to the health of your little one.

Easy To Put Together

If there is one thing you will not need to worry about this South Shore Cotton Candy changing table, it is assembling it. You can easily do it on your own. No tools are required to put it together and it comes with clear assembly instructions that are very easy to follow. Once you finish putting it together, it will be a sturdy and solid changing table that will serve your needs for many years to come.

Compact Design

If you do not have a lot of space in your baby’s nursery, this South Shore Cotton Candy changing table will be perfect for you. This is because it features a compact design that will not take up a lot of space. But despite the compact size, it still has enough room for storing all your baby supplies. If you organize the baby supplies properly, you will not feel like you are running out of space.

5 Year Quality Guarantee

This changing table comes with a five year quality guarantee that will prove very useful if you come across any defects on it. You will not need to use your own money to repair the defects as long as they were not caused by you. The manufacturer will take care of the repairs.


  •  It has enough drawers for storing baby supplies
  •  It features a space-saving design that will not take up a lot of space
  •  It is very easy to assemble


  • It does not come in a variety of colors

Final Verdict

The South Shore Cotton Candy changing table is a high quality changing table that is going to give you value for money. It is a budget-friendly option for someone that is looking for a nice changing table but is operating on a tight budget. It is spacious, very easy to use, and will last for a very long time with proper care and maintenance.

best price