Graco Lauren Changing Table

Recently I purchased the Graco Lauren Changing Table and found several things worth reviewing about it. When it comes to changing diapers, sometimes it can be hard to find the exact place for the procedure. People tend to do it on a whole variety of locations, meaning there are a lot of possible solutions for a fresh parent.

However, we all agree on the importance of our children’s comfort, so it is always a good idea to get an item or furniture which was precisely made for the purpose. It is never an easy job to bring up our children with perfect care, but fortunately, we always have the option of getting some tools that can help us on this long and hard journey.
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A lot of parents face themselves with a large incompetence of understanding the needed items. These issues inspired the creation of changing tables (sometimes called dressing tables), where the changing of diapers goes without a problem, and can be done comfortably in no time. Let us mention an elegant choice regarding the subject, going by the name of Graco Lauren Changing Table.


The Graco Lauren Changing Table comes with a bunch of necessary and practical features; that can undoubtedly come handy in certain situations. One of these specifics is the elegant design, which was made to be consistently available from every side. Also, it has a huge storage space for us to fill it up with any desired material.

These accessories will able to be stored not just in a huge amount, but separately, thanks to the two fixed shelves. The product is made of quality pine wood, making it compliant to all of the safety regulations. Also, it is both CPSC and ASTM certified. The changing pad is waterproof and includes a built-in safety strap as an added security extra.

The whole construction’s gentle embrace and design will make us relaxed, reassuring the protection of the baby. Besides, the other Graco Lauren Changing Table Dimensions offer a very easy mobility thanks to its four sturdy rollers, which will help us to change the position without a problem whenever we want to.

Now that we mentioned its most important features let’s see the Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent quality for its price.
  • Elegant design, easily placed anywhere.
  • Spacious, thanks to the opened sides and shelves.
  • Guaranteed Safety with the straps.


  • The wheels are said to be breakable.
  • The changing pad is not thick enough.

Measuring by the positive and negative customer reviews, the Graco Lauren Changing Table is indisputably beloved by a lot of moms and dads, so the critics mostly tell about their satisfaction with this purchase.

Final Verdict

It should also be noted, that the product comes in White, Espresso, Cherry and Pebble Gray color options so that it can be chosen for almost any home. In conclusion, we can state that if we aim to give our babies everything we can, regarding the furniture, the Graco Lauren Changing Table can be a perfect solution. Considering its practicality and elegance, there is no doubt that this product is splendid for domestic or any other kind of use. If we are looking for a reliable changing table, this one is worth considering.

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