Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

The question “Do you have a difficult time changing your baby’s diapers?” will disappear with the help of the Dream on me Emily changing table. Changing dirty diapers is unavoidable and every parent has to do it. Some even do it 10 times a day in order to ensure that the baby is in utmost comfort. However, this task doesn’t have to be that difficult. All you need is a good changing table that will save you all the hassles.

Changing tables come in many different styles to match various needs and budgets. Therefore choosing the best one is very crucial. I did some research on the market to identify the models that stand out in terms of style, comfort and affordability. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table caught my eye. I have decided to share with you a quick review of this changing table and the features and specs that give it an edge over other competitors.



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Sturdy and durable construction

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table is built to last for years. The table has a solid wooden frame. This is premium quality wood that has been treated to withstand cracking, warping and insect attack. The frame doesn’t wobble under weight and is sturdy enough to support children weighing 6 to 25 pounds. This means that it can be used to change your child’s diapers from infant to toddler stage.

Lightweight and Stylish

Changing tables need constant relocation from one room to another. Therefore it makes sense to get something that is lightweight enough to make the task less hectic. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table is built for just that. The table has an overall dimension of 36.5 x 20 x 39 inches but weighs a mere 19.5 pounds for all that size. It provides a perfect match for those looking for a stylish, traditional design that blends in well with any decor.

Guaranteed safety and Comfort

Most manufacturers concentrate more on style and durability while providing less in terms of the baby’s safety and comfort. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table scores well in all areas including safety and comfort. The table has a safety rail that measures 5.5 inches high. This works well in preventing your baby from rolling off the table. A 1-inch pad is included to provide a comfortable resting platform for your baby.

Storage Shelves

The task of changing your baby’s diaper requires that everything be within easy reach. This changing table has two built-in shelves that provide convenient storage for all essential items. They keep everything secure and well organized in one place.


  • Lightweight for easy relocation
  •  Stylish to blend well with any decor
  •  Sturdy and built to last for years
  •  Comfortable and safe for the baby
  •  Convenient storage and easy access to essential items


  • The table doesn’t fit a standard changing pad

Final Verdict

Overall, Dream On Me Emily Changing Table is a great purchase for any parent that wants to experience an easy time changing their child’s diapers. It provides a perfect blend of style, comfort and safety. It is a table that will last for many years under good care. This changing table is available in 4 different color options to choose from: Natural, Cherry, White and Espresso.

best price