Delta Children Bentley Changing Table

If you are a new parent and are looking to buy a changing table for your little one, you should consider buying the Delta Children Bentley changing table. It can be easily placed in your baby’s room without taking up a lot of space. You will not go through the hassle of changing your baby’s clothes and diapers when you have this changing table. It makes the whole experience absolutely easier and comfortable. You can store all baby supplies inside it to avoid the trouble of looking for them in different places when you need to use them.

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Durable Construction

This children changing table is made of solid wood as well as wood composites that make it really strong and durable. It is going to serve you for a very long time in case you plan on having more kids in future. It will not start becoming weak or shaky like some substandard changing tables you might have come across in your search for a perfect changing table. You are definitely going to get good value for your money from it.

Nice Color

When choosing a changing table, it is important to make sure that it complements with the colors that you have used in your baby’s room. The chocolate and white colors that this Delta Children Bentley changing table comes in are going to match easily with the décor that you have used in your baby’s nursery. It will not give the room a boring look, and it will also not make it look overly bright.

Easy Assembly

You will not go through any trouble putting this table together. It is pretty easy to assemble. You will not need to look for a helping hand to put it together because it is something that you can do on your own. But if you can find someone to help you, the process will be even easier and faster. It comes with assembly instructions that are very easy to follow, so there is no way that you are going to have a hard time handling it.

Enough Storage Space

You will not run out of space to store your baby supplies when you have this Delta Children Bentley changing table. It provides generous space for storing your child’s cloths, toiletries, towels, diapers, wipes and other supplies. At the bottom of the changing table, there is a convenience of a shelving that is perfect for storing diapers.


  • It has enough space to store all your baby supplies
  • It comes with a water resistant changing pad with a safety strap
  •  It meets all safety as well as anti-tipping standards


  •  The paint chips off very easily

Final Verdict

The Delta Children Bentley changing table is a great changing table for the money. Considering the stunning features that it is packed with, you will not feel like you are wasting your hard earned money when you buy it. With proper care and maintenance, it will serve you for a very long time to come.

best price