Badger Basket Baby Changing Table

There is nothing more joyous for parents than finally bringing their newborn baby home and having a sturdy changing table like the Badger Basket baby changing table for their child. The toddler’s arrival also brings with it the need for different baby products. One of the most important among these is a baby changing table. Any parent will inform you just how important these tables are.

They enable one to change the baby’s diapers quickly in a tidy and convenient manner. Furthermore, they are invaluable storage facilities for keeping all the necessary baby supplies. Badger Basket Baby Changing Table is one such product that is available on the market today.

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The table has a total of six storage baskets. The three large ones can be used for storing all sorts of big-sized supplies. These include things such as toys, clothes, and blankets. The other three are smaller in size but just as useful. They are suitable for storing small-sized items such as toiletries and socks.

Sometimes it might be challenging to remember the exact location where you kept an individual item. With this product, however, you do not have to worry about such inconveniences. The Badger Basket Baby Changing Table has a series of card holders for each basket. These can be used to not only sort but also identify all the items that are stored in that particular bag.

Its frame is made from hardwood that makes it sturdy and capable of withstanding considerable loads of up to 30 lbs. You do not have to worry about your baby getting exposed to toxic substances as the table has a non-toxic finish. In addition to this, it is made soft to eliminate any rough surfaces that may pose a danger to the baby.

One of the primary considerations in the manufacture of this product is the baby’s safety. Therefore, the Badger Basket Baby Changing Table has safety rails on all the sides to prevent them from falling off. It also comes with a safety belt that will secure the baby in place, regardless of how active they are. These features are supplemented by strong metallic bars right below the changing surface for additional support.

It is necessary to keep such tables clean at all times to protect your baby. This can be done by just wiping the table with a damp cloth. You also do not have to be stuck with one color only. The Badger Basket Baby Changing Table comes in Black, Cherry, Gray, Natural, White, and Espresso color options which you can choose from.


  •  The baskets offer a large combined capacity
  • It has multiple safety features-It has a steady frame that can bear great weights
  • It is made using non-toxic materials
  • The table is easy to clean
  • It comes in multiple color options.


  • Without support, the drawers can fall through
  • Additional foam padding may be needed for extra comfort
  • It may have a strong odor when newly unwrapped


Based on the specifications of the Badger Basket Baby Changing Table, it is evident that its advantages by far outweigh its drawbacks. Purchasing it would, therefore, be an excellent decision for any parent seeking a great product.

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