A changing table is definitely a valuable addition to your nursery, as it can transform the diaper changing times from inconvenient to enjoyable and much easier. A changing table is a great utility item that offers an elevated platform on which you can place your baby conveniently while changing diapers. The table also comes with storage drawers or baskets to store diapers, baby tissues or any other accessories that you may require during the task. Although most changing tables are made of wood, today other materials are also used to make changing tables.

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The changing tables offer you an elevated platform to place your baby on while changing the nappies; which is much convenient than placing the baby on floor or bed. By placing you baby on the changing table, you can keep eye contact while changing the diapers. This will help the baby to calm down and make it much easier for you to remove the old diaper and put a fresh one on. As you would have all the necessary supplies in the drawers itself, you can finish changing nappies much quicker and with many conveniences.

The changing tables are great for organizing your nursery too! You can store all the nappies, wipes and other necessities in separate drawers or racks and keep them on fingertips while changing the diapers. While most parents use the changing table for the first year, many continue to use it for the second year too. In case you are getting a changing table plus dresser; you can continue to use it for a much longer time.

Changing tables are quite sturdy; so as and when your baby outgrows the table you can give it to some other new parents or can even continue storing toys, towels, etc. for your nursery.

Here are some criteria that you need to look for in the Changing Table Reviews while buying your first changing table.


Sturdiness is very important to ensure the safety of your child while changing the diapers. Also, once you are investing in a changing table; it should last as long as your baby requires it at the least. So make sure to check the material used for making the table. The best material is definitely wood. However, you can check out other materials too.

Storage option:

There two type of storage options you would get; drawers and open storage. While drawers are perfect to keep all your supplies organized, open storage gives you the convenience of having everything visible and on your fingertip.


Most changing tables come with guardrails to ensure safety. Most babies have the tendency to roll over. Thus, having the guardrails on the place is essential to ensure the safety of your child. Make sure that the guardrails are at least 2 inches high. Below this height, guardrails not effective much.

Changing Pads:

Check whether the manufacturer offers a waterproof changing pad with the table. The most changing table comes with a waterproof changing pad on which you can place your baby while changing the diapers. Changing pads are essential to maintaining hygiene.

Safety Strap:

The safety strap is another important feature. These straps can be used to hold the baby in place while you are changing the diaper. However, do not leave your baby unattended even when the safety strap is on.


While buying a changing table, keep in mind that your baby is going to outgrow it in a year. Thus go for a changing table that can be put to other use even when your baby has grown up. Most changing tables can be converted into storage units for essentials, or if you have an open storage changing table, you can convert it into toy storage plus display unit.

Be sure not to leave your baby unsupervised on the changing table, even for a minute. There is no substitute for hands-on supervision and leaving the baby alone on an elevated platform can be quite dangerous, even with the safety strap on. 

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