Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat

If you are looking for the combination of comfort, security and flexibility when traveling with your child, look no further than the Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat. This sturdy and highly durable car seat is a dream come true to each and every parent who loves traveling around with their children. The safety of a child is no doubt the responsibility of each and every parent.

However, you can delegate some security responsibilities to this highly secured car seat when traveling. All of this is possible thanks to the fact that this car seat comes with state-of-the-art security and safety features to keep your child secure and give you the peace of mind that you truly deserve.

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The versatility of the Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat is unmatched thanks to a total of 4 shoulder harness fitting positions and two (2) crotch buckles. The presence of this harness system simply means that you can adjust the car seat to suit the age and size of your child.
The booster nature of this car seat has been derived from the fact that you can “booster” the belt-positioning.

With this boosting capability, the seat can comfortably hold weights of between 40 and 110 pounds. All you have to do is reposition and booster your belt depending on the weight of your child.

This car seat comes with two cup holders which are perfectly integrated. With these cup holders, you no longer have to be worried about your child going thirsty during your trip. Just fill his/her cup with their favorite drink and watch them enjoy as you drive along.

The Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat comes with an automatically adjusting headrest which increases comfort and flexibility to your child. Unlike other types of car seats, this car seat comes with an adjustable safety belt path. As the name suggests, this belt is adjustable and hence you can hold your child in position depending on their age or height.

With this Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat, the safety of your child is guaranteed thanks to the side impact feature which protects your child from accidental side collisions. The impact nature of this seat has been tested and approved by the federal safety board.
This car seat comes with a 5-point harness which functions by holding your baby in position as well as adjusting the seat.

The 5-point harness system includes two (2) shoulders straps, two (2) abdomen straps, and a single frontal harness. The four straps function by keeping your child safely in the seat. The frontal harness system, on the other hand, is used to tighten and loosen the seat hence making it easy to position your baby in and out of it.


  • It can comfortably hold children with weights of up to 110 lbs.
  • It comes with a removable and machine washable pillow and seat pad.
  • It’s easy to install and use.
  • Its compact design makes it fit easily on multiple car seats.
  • It comes with a latch system which includes a tether for easy conversion and installation.
  • It’s easy to wipe and clean it.
  • It’s certified for both road and air travel.


  • You can’t use this car seat if your child height surpasses the headrest when seated.

Final Verdict

Whether you love this car seat’s color option of Thunder, Wesley or Taylor, this Evenflo Maestro Booster Car Seat has got you covered. Choose the best color that fits your preferences and enjoy a hassle free drive with your kid.

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