Investing in a good car seat is paramount to ensuring the best safety for your baby. With so many to choose from, there is a lot of research to consider along with a plethora of features. Engineers are constantly adding new innovations and staying up to date as a new parent is tougher than ever. Also, picking the car seat is only half the battle. The installation could be tricky and most parents get caught up trying to install it into their car. Unfortunately, not all car seats are compatible with all cars. You have to make sure that the car seat can latch onto the seat of the car. After reading through hundreds of car seat reviews, riding in a car should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your child.

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The child is the number one priority when buying a car seat and you want to get one that will be comfortable, safe, and economic. Today technology and crash tests are enabling engineers to come up with new designs with can ultimately save lives. Your first concern should be the NHTSA ratings that are published. NHTSA gives parents these rating which will help determine the ease of use for the car seats. All of the car seats rated by the NHTSA meet Federal Safety Standards and strict crash performance standards. The ratings are based on a star scale system. 5 stars is the highest while 1 is the lowest.

The next thing you want to take into account is the model and size. A newborn baby can sit in one of two car seats. The first is a rear-facing infant seat or a convertible seat which cant be changed to face the rear and also towards the front. A convertible seat is a good option to save money because of how long you will be able to use it as your child gets bigger.

The only downside is that you can’t take it in and out with you like an infant seat. As your child gets older you will have to transition into different car seats more suited for larger children. Eventually, you will want to upgrade to a booster seat which will position a child better so that the seat belt can safely go over the torso. If you can’t make a decision on what model to invest in there are all in one models that cover all of the bases.
Now that you’ve chosen the particular seat, it is time to choose the type of harness.

You should look for a 5 point harness which contains two straps for both the shoulders and the waist as well as a strap which runs between the legs. Also, you definitely want to get some side impact protection with your choice of harness. Different infant seats allow you to adjust the shoulder belts. Look out for the ones that make it difficult to tighten and loosen the straps. These car seats can give you lots of trouble during inclement weather or when you’re in a rush and your child is crying. Lastly, small things to consider are handle bars that are used during transport. Some car seats offer ergonomic handlebars which make it much easier for the mother to carry them.

Premium car seats are pricey but come with extra features. Some include an anti rebound bar which limits the movement in the event of a crash. Other small accessories include extra cushions, fabric upgrades, and seat positions. Some premium seats allow you to easily remove the car seat in the case when your child is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them up. Parents have reviewed this to be such an indispensable feature for them.

Ultimately, part of the process of choosing a car seat will come down to knowing your child and your car. Is your child a heavy sleeper where they can be lifted out of the car seat without being woken up? Will you need a car seat that can easily be detached, therefore allowing your child to continue to rest? How heavy is the seat? Can it be also used as a stroller travel package. Some strollers allow the seat to be detached and clipped into a car seat for easy transport. There are many options on the market to choose from but you should think of it as a smart investment. 

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