Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate

The Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate has a very minimalist feel to it, and its stylish look is matched with a simple, functional feel. It can be adapted to suit any space, from a doorway to a space within a room (for instance, you may wish to fold this gate around a lamp shade in the corner of a room so that your little one does not feel tempted to start playing with the electrical wires).

Very easy to move and shape, this hinged gate is portable, light, and, overall, provides a convenient and hassle free solution to the need to make your home safe for a baby once they start to crawl.
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Product Specifications

The Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate weighs just one pound, so it is very easy to carry from room to room depending on where you and your little one are currently playing. It measures in at 30 by 0.2 by 29 inches, so it can be used even in wide spaces such as wide doorways and spacious corridors. It has two hinges, so it can be folded and shaped to suit your needs, or expanded out to its full width (87 inches) if you prefer.

In terms of its aesthetic, the Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate is designed to fit in with the decor of almost any home as it has a neutral, subtly chic grey hue bordered with black and picked out in white. It is made of mesh fabric which is easy to wash and clean and which will gently stretch but hold its shape if your little one tumbles against it.

Whether you want to use this gate primarily as a free standing barrier or not, it is worth while knowing that there are optional fastenings which enable you to fix the Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate to a wall or a door frame. And, when it comes to opening and closing the gate, there is a small latch which can be manipulated with one hand: ideal for those times when you have your baby in one arm and just a single hand spare to fasten the gate before you set them down to play.


  • Light weight
  • Easy to adapt to different spaces
  • Works well with any type of decor
  • Expandable
  • Easy to clean
  • Latch can be opened and closed with one hand
  • Can be either free standing or attached to a wall or door frame


  • Latch is very simple and thus not completely child proof once children are able to stand up
  • Not always suitable for use outside (for instance, in windy conditions), due to its light weight

Final Verdict

Use this Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate in any number of situations: place it in a corner, across a door frame, in the middle of a hallway and more! With its chic mesh fabric and its minimalist, geometric design, it looks very stylish as well as being a very practical accessory.

As it is very easy to carry around, this is a great portable little gate which you can bring with you into whichever room you have got your little one in. However, some customers have found that this lightness of weight makes the gate a little less sturdy than traditional plastic framed ones.

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