Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate

The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate provides reliable safety and security for baby when they are not within arm’s reach. Every parent is concerned with the safety of their babies. Since it is hectic to have the baby in your arms throughout the day, this gate guarantees you the needed safety.

Whether your toddler is crawling or just learning those baby steps, this amazing baby gate saves the day. Away from toddlers, you can also use this walk thru gate to contain pets within one area of your home. Here are some features that make this walk thru gate the perfect choice for baby safety.

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Pressure-Mounted system

The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate comes with a pressure-mounted system, this makes it very easy to install. It will not require any specialized knowledge or tools to have it fixed. Just as the pressure-mounted system makes it easy to install, it also makes it easy to take down when you don’t need it or when you want to relocate it.

Lever-style handle

The walk through gate has a lever-style handle. This allows an adult to easily lock and release it with just one hand. The one-touch release safety lock is easy for an adult to operate but quite impossible for a toddler to unlock.

Expandable fit for staircases and doorways

In as much as this Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate fits only a width of between 29 and 39 inches, it can be easily expanded to fit up to a width of 60 inches. It comes with a 6-inch extension but you can buy additional extensions separately to enhance expansion up to 60 inches. If the cups included can be used to fix it firmly; this baby gate can also be used at the top of staircases.


The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is constructed using a very light frame. This makes it very light in weight and easily portable. You don’t have to worry about carrying it to an overnight trip.

Strong and durable

This amazing baby walk through gate is made of sturdy steel. This increases its strength making it more durable. You will still use it for your next baby after the current one overgrows it.


  • Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association
  • Easily adjustable for narrower or wider openings
  • Can be easily locked and released with one hand
  • It is strong, not easily brought down like other wooden gates.


  • The gate door only swings in one way.
  • It must be manually locked. You therefore have to operate each time you go in or come out of the constrained area.

Final Verdict

The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is the perfect solution to baby safety worries. Since it is strongly built, you can be sure a toddler will never bring it down. More so the fact that it can be easily adjusted at both ends makes it ideal for stairs. With the Regalo walk thru gate, you are guaranteed safety for your baby and minimal disturbance if you use it for your pet.

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