North States Supergate

North States Supergate is a pressure gate that prevents your child from accessing restricted areas in your household, minimizing their freedom only to a specific place. The Supergate is made up of rigid plastic which is durable for a long time. It has exclusive door sockets that provide additional power guarding the baby from getting to other rooms.

The pressure mechanism used in mounting of this type of door is quick and time saving. It comes in a white color that makes it attractive for a parent with a child. North States Supergate can be easily locked and can make it almost impossible for a child to open. The gate can be unlocked easily using a single hand which makes it utterly convenient to use.


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North States Supergate has overall dimensions of 26″ in height and 42″ in width although, the width varies from a minimum of 26″ to a maximum of 42″ depending on the size of your doorways and openings. This feature makes it convenient for any doorway be it relatively large or small. The Supergate has an overall weight of 6.5 lbs enabling it to be portable to carry when transferring it from one place to another.

Most North States Supergates come in a white finishing that makes it attractive for parents having babies. The tough plastic that the Supergate if made from is sturdy making it durable for longtime use. The unique sockets in this door use a pressure to mount it on the doorways allowing it to be efficient to lock and unlock the gate without necessarily damaging the frames of your openings and doorways.

The rounded edges of the North States Supergate prevents pinching of the edges of your doorways. The gate is easy to use as it only requires you to expand it by engaging the pressure handle. Its unique rail sockets allow the gate to employ the use of wrought iron railings. In case you find it hard to install, the product comes with a manual to assist you if need be.

The product is manufactured in the United States whose quality has been carefully considered. The North States Supergate is most suitable for babies at a tender age who like maneuvering around the house and not for over-grown kids.


  • The North States Supergate is easy to assemble.
  • It is very portable and can be carried with a lot of ease.
  • The gate is made of sturdy material that renders it durable.
  • It has a great value and is pocket friendly.


  • North States Supergate does not have a walk through door but can be easily unmounted when you need to pass through it.
  • The Supergate does not come in different shades of color and hence limiting its attractiveness to the buyer.
  • It cannot be used for outdoor purposes.
  • The latch feature in the gates doesn’t always work.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, North States Supergate is one of the best product in the market for parents in need of restricting movement of their babies around their homes. The gate is easy to assemble, lock and unlock making it easy to use. It is also durable and a lot of parents will appreciate this product because of its endless benefits.

best price