North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate

The North States Supergate Easy-Close Metal Gate is constructed well to keep your baby safely secured. When baby increases mobility, every parent wants to keep them safe from any unnecessary harm. This is where this gate comes in handy. Parents prefer an efficient and convenient baby gate that guarantees baby safety even when they are not watching.

This gate offers you as a parent such experience. It is well built with the ability to barricade a wide area. Amazingly, opens baby gate door swings open in both directions with a greatly enhanced baby safety lock. The main features that make it a great asset for parenting are listed below.

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Pressure mounted installation

The North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate comes with a pressure mounted installation that makes it easy to set up. You don’t need any hardware or tools to have it installed; all that is required is to use tension knobs in securing the gate. It will take you few minutes to have it well set up and ready to use.

Heavy-duty metal frame

The baby gate is constructed with a sturdy metallic frame. This makes it very strong and durable. You can be sure your baby will not be able to break it. You will be glad to use it for a long time even for other babies when they come.

Gate door swings open both sides

The door of the North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate opens in both directions. This makes it very easy for an adult to pass through from any direction. You can therefore conveniently use this gate in an area of high traffic.

Double lock system

This baby gate has an easy to operate double lock system. The lock can be easily operated by an adult with one hand. The system ensures that once locked, the gate secures your baby fully until you unlock it.

Self-closing and hold-open features

The North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate comes with both self-closing and hold-open features for convenience. You don’t have to worry about closing it manually. It just closes itself. You can also set the hold-open feature when you want to leave the gate open.


  • It closes itself
  • It is easily adjustable to fit openings of up to 30 inches high and between 29.5 to 38.75 inches wide.
  • The gate door swings open in both directions for convenience
  • Easy to install with the pressure-mounted system
  • It is very durable and light in weight


  • A little bit difficult to install unless you read the instructions carefully
  • The plastic components could be flimsy for extremely active babies.


The North States Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate is the most ideal baby gate for your highly mobile child. It comes with great features that give you convenience and ensure safety for your baby.

The gate also comes in two color options; you can choose either white or bronze. In addition, you will find it in two styles; the Easy close metal gate and the Extra tall easy close metal gate. Pick your color and style today and keep your baby or pet well secured.

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