Kidco Safeway Gate

Kids love to explore their surrounding as soon as they have the ability to do so, which is why having something like the Kidco Safeway Gate is a necessity. Sometimes they may venture into the unsafe places in the house without the parents knowing about it. This can be very harmful and may at times lead to serious injuries.

Strategically placed gates can make your life easier, and you baby safe from potential danger like the stair; Kidco Safeway Gate is the best option for you. This gate can also be used to keep you baby and pet separated. The gate is made using heavy duty stainless steel making it resistant to corrosion and quite durable. It can expand it width to fit all its openings making it appropriate for any space in the house. Some of the other features that make this gate the best choice for your kids include:

Safety gate for kids

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Special features

The door has multiple finishes that will match your décor. Most people who have interacted with this product say that Kidco Safeway Gate does not intrude the existing décor. It features very slim strong spindles that do not have footholds for babies to climb making it safer. The style of the doors varies with size, and most of them come with angle mounts.

Ease of use

What most people call the “Easy one hand adult operation” is a basic feature of Kidco Safeway Gate. Many customers say that they couldn’t believe that the gates installation was as straightforward as the manual guide put it. After installing the gate, it is also easy to remove the gate when it is no longer needed in the house


Kidco Safeway Gate mounts to a wall of the house using hardware that has to be drilled into the wall. This mounting guarantees that the gate cannot be knocked free even when the children hang on it. It also contains spindles that do not have the foothold for kids to climb. Reviews from customers say that the spindles are incredibly strong. This door also operates on a directional stop which prevents it from swinging out over you stairs or opening on the wrong side.


  • Easy to operate
  • Durability
  • Contain a quick release hardware allowing the gate to be removed with ease when its service is no longer needed
  • An adjustable width
  • Has a directional stop preventing it from swinging out over the stairs
  • A wide range of models available buyers
  • Strong vertical spindles that is not easy to break
  • It comes with various purchase options, that is, white, black & Stairway Installation Kit, as well as White & Stairway Installation Kit.


  • The gate does not close automatically
  • It is not flexible in its size making it not appropriate for older kids

Final verdict

Kidco Safeway Gate is perfect for any situation from the top to bottom of your stairs to a hall or room entrance. It serves it purpose perfectly and promises to deliver more than just that. Most customers say they have found more uses for the product like separating the kids from the pets. It is easy to use, safe and durable

best price